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If you’ve got Smile & Hustle – we’ve got great opportunities for you.

We need kind people who care, like to help others, and want to work for a family owned company. We love and appreciate our staff. We want fun folks that want to grow in their careers with us.

We are busy! Some days over 1000 people visit us for Dine in or Togo.

So we split tips and give higher base wages to hourly staff. The more you cross train and show dependability, the more $ you'll make. Plus: Our managers earn quarterly bonuses.

The big picture is this — the busier we are, the more money in our employee's pockets. We can all be successful together.

Want more reasons?

  • We offer health insurance to full time (30 hrs+) & part time (25 hrs+) team members and pay 50% of the premiums for you and your dependents.

  • Managers receive 10 days of pto & 5 days of sick pay at hire.

  • Full time hourlies (30 hrs+) get 5 days of pto & 5 days of sick pay on their 1st anniversary.

  • We offer 401k plans with matching.

  • We are closed on most holidays and offer free shift meals.

In short… what the cluck are you waiting for?

Live Chat with Hattie & schedule an interview now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs
Allergen FAQs
Catering FAQs

Do you take reservations?

You don’t need a reservation to visit— just come on in! At Hattie B’s, we offer fast-casual counter service and seating on a first come, first serve basis. Because of our limited space and high volume of guests, we are unfortunately not able to reserve tables, host events, or appoint specific areas of the restaurant for larger groups. Groups should consider a pickup catering order (platters and large format sides) or a delivered catering. (See below).

Do you allow dogs on your patios?

This depends on location. Please ask a manager before bringing a pooch in. Also, if dogs are allowed, please stay aware of the high volume of guest/server traffic, chicken bones, and extremely hot spices. We wouldn't anyone to trip on a leash, get tangled up in our crowds, or get their nose into something too spicy!

I’m interested in a larger pick up order and the online ordering form has a maximum cost of $75. What can I do?

Orders for less than 20 people/under $300 can be placed with an individual store’s manager with at least 24 hours’ notice. Our phone lines open at 11am— just be patient with us during high volume times of day as phones are often throttled due to high demand. You can also click on CONTACT US in the upper right-hand corner of the homepage. (We are not able to always guarantee that emailed orders can be accepted - we will contact you back with a confirmation or a request for more information.)

I need it quick and can’t wait in line! I have to get back to work, the airport, my honky tonk gig, etc!

If you don’t have the time to jump in line, you can always jump online and pick it up To-Go! Just scoot back to our website, choose your preferred location, and our online system will tell you the pickup time. You can even order up to two weeks in advance!

Ooh?! Can I order online, skip the line and eat my take out here?

We like to operate with that “do unto others” credo— and the first grade credo of “Hey! No cutting in line!” We want to be fair and thoughtful of guests that have been waiting in our line, so our To-Go means just that.

How can I get a delivery?

We currently deliver with Door Dash. We hope that our delivery partners are delivering our food timely and with care. If you experience any problems with any of our delivery partners, we’d love to hear from you. *During periods of high volume, delivery service may not be available.

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes! You are a wonderful person for giving the gift of hot chicken and angels sing your name! You can now email or text a Hattie B gift card! Go here or click on Gift Cards from our homepage!

What days are you closed?

We are currently closed for the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Easter Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day with half days (11am-4pm) on Memorial Day, 4th of July, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve.
*Please check our social media pages for inclement weather closings.*

I'm interested in franchising Hattie B's...

Thank you for your interest. At this time we aren't selling any franchises in Hattie B's. The owners want to remain a family owned company and focus on opening additional company operated restaurants.

Have a question or an issue with your Goldbelly order?

Contact for assistance!

If you have any other general questions, please email
We hope you enjoy your visit!

Do you have gluten free items?

Yes! We offer the following gluten free items: Grilled/Naked Chicken, Southern Greens, Baked Beans, Potato Salad, and Cole Slaw.

Note: Our Black Eyed Peas contain a small amount of malt vinegar which contains gluten. You can ask for the chicken to be fried "Naked" (without breading) or "Grilled" (not available in Las Vegas). **Please keep in mind that our breaded fried chicken is dipped in our melted spice blend, so please ask for chicken or grilled tenders with gluten free spicing if you have an allergy or concern.

Do you have dairy free items?

We sure do! Our dairy free menu items include: Black Eyed Pea Salad, French Fries, Fried Pickles, Southern Greens, Baked Beans and Pickles, and Cole Slaw.

Note: Our chicken breading has whey in it which is considered a dairy product but it doesn't have lactose in it. Still an issue? Upon request, the chicken to be fried "Naked" which means they fry it without the breading. Psssst! The Potato Salad is NOT dairy free – it has sour cream!

Does your fried chicken breader contain any of the main 8 allergens?

Yes! Our breader contains wheat, milk (whey), and traces of soy and egg.

Do you have vegetarian items? (No Pork)

Yep! Pimento Mac and Cheese, Cole Slaw, French Fries, Pickles, Fried Pickles, and Banana Pudding.

Do you have any eggs in your recipes?

There is a trace amount of whole egg powder used in the breader. Other than that, our Cole Slaw and Potato Salad recipe uses mayonnaise, which included eggs amongst its ingredients. Our Banana Pudding contains merengue (whipped and toasted egg whites).

Do you have any soy in your recipes?

We fry our Chicken, French Fries, and Fried Pickles in Soybean Oil. Our sides/desserts may have traces of soy in either the mayonnaise or butter blend.

Do you have any peanuts in your recipes?

We do not use any nuts at any of our locations or in any of our recipes. Though, we can not guarantee that they have not been used by our ingredient vendors in other products at their packing facilities.

Do you have any shellfish/seafood in your recipes?


If you have any other food questions, please email
We hope you enjoy your visit!

How far in advance should I place an order?

We require at least 48 hours advance notice for orders of 30 people or less, and we suggest additional lead time for orders larger than that. We highly recommend booking sooner than later as we cannot always guarantee availability.

Is there a minimum on deliveries?

We have a $300 food and beverage minimum on deliveries before taxes, the delivery fee, and gratuity. This typically averages out to be about 20-25 people.

But I have less than 20 people/I won’t hit the $300 minimum!

Orders for less than 20 people/under $300 can be placed with an individual store’s manager with at least 24 hours’ notice. The restaurant phone lines open at 10am in advance of their opening at 11am — just be patient with as they do experience very high volumes throughout the day! If you cannot get through, you can also email (We are not able to always guarantee that emailed orders can be accepted - we will contact you back with a confirmation or a request for more information.)

How much are delivery fees?

Delivery fees range from $20-$50 depending on the location of delivery and how far it is from our Catering Kitchen. There is $25 delivery fee for all deliveries within a 10-mile radius of our kitchen, which is located at 450 Atlas Drive; Nashville, TN 37211. Locations outside the 10-mile radius can be discussed with an event coordinator. We can waive the delivery fee if you would prefer to pick up directly from the Catering Kitchen.

What will the food be delivered in?

Your food will be delivered in disposable containers. Chicken, sides, and desserts will be served in standard aluminum pans.

Can we select multiple heat levels?

Yes! We’re happy to offer multiple heat levels on your order.

The Meat & 2 or Meat & 3 is more than I am looking for! Do you have other options?

Yes, an event coordinator is happy to provide information on our a la carte items if you wish to build your own menu or add on to an order.

Do you include paper products?

The Meat & 2/Meat & 3 menu includes all paper goods. Our paper good set includes heavy-duty plastic plates and dessert plates, napkins, Hattie B’s branded cutlery packets, and Hattie B’s branded Styrofoam cups. We also include disposable serving tongs and serving spoons. We do not include paper products with a la carte orders, but full sets can be added for $1 per person. We include tongs and serving spoons with a la carte orders. We do not provide ice with any deliveries.

Do you provide staff for drop services?

While our delivery team will assist in setting up the buffet for you, we do not provide staff to assist in serving for our drop off services.

Are there any peanuts used on the premises?

Our chicken is fried in soybean oil and no peanuts are used at our restaurants! However, we cannot guarantee that peanuts haven’t been used at our vendor facilities. An event coordinator can provide a full allergen list upon request.

Special Events - Full Service Catering and Food Truck Rentals

Is there a minimum for special events?

We do require a $2,500 food and beverage minimum for all special events (food truck and full-service caterings). This typically averages out to be about 100 guests. Labor charges, taxes, gratuity, and service charge do not count towards the food and beverage minimum. If you are interested in a full-service catering but will have less than 100 guests, please ask an event coordinator for recommendations.

What is included in the service fee?

The service fee covers all administrative and planning services, standard catering equipment, and liability insurance. The service fee is applied to all food, beverage, and rental sales.

How far in advance should I book a special event?

We require at least two weeks’ notice for all special events, but we recommend booking sooner than later as we cannot always guarantee availability.

Do you provide staff?

We do provide staff for all special events. An event coordinator can provide staffing recommendations based on guest count and style of service. There is a four-hour minimum required per each staff member. The staffing charge is $25/hour per staff member.

Do you provide bartenders?

Unfortunately, Hattie B’s catering does not provide alcoholic beverages or bartenders. An event coordinator can provide recommendations for local companies that do provide full beverage services.

Do you provide tastings?

We recommend stopping by one of the restaurants and ordering whichever items that you might like to try. They are typically less busy during the periods between lunch and dinner and also later on in the evenings.

Do you provide plates and paper goods with full-service caterings?

We have two options for paper goods for full-service caterings, which can be viewed in the slideshow. Additional options can be requested and coordinated by an event planner upon request. The total cost of rentals will be added to your invoice.

What requirements does the Hattie B’s food truck require?

The Hattie B’s Airsteam (food truck) requires a flat 50’ space to park in and set up for an event. We provide a gasoline powered generator for all power needs. If the you would prefer an alternative power source to avoid fumes or noise, you are welcome to provide alternative electrical options. The Hattie B’s Airstream requires at least 100 amps for power.

I would like a full-service catering, but I do not want to preselect heat levels for my guests. Do you have any recommendations?

We do have the option of saucing to order on a buffet line. We will station a Chef directly on the buffet line, and we can sauce everyone's chicken to order. There is a $150 service charge for this option. Please note, it takes about an hour to get through 75-100 guests with this option – it is not recommended for events that have a strict schedule.

What does your full service set up look like?

We bring silver chafing sets, beverage urns, miscellaneous serving containers and can include tables and linens for the buffet line if you needed them. Please see photos in the slideshow for an examples of our buffet set ups. If you would prefer alternative catering equipment, our event planner is happy to coordinate substitute rental options for an additional fee.

If you have any other catering questions, please email
We hope you enjoy your visit!